American Gods Casting Call

American Gods is one of my favorite books, and there have been rumors for a while now that HBO is planning on doing a series based on the book.  Tom Hanks  production company Playtone, which produced Big Love will be over seeing the production.  I thought I would throw in my two cents and give my ideal cast of the main characters.  If you have never read the book don’t even read any further, just go buy a copy of it.

Shadow – Kevin Durand:










Wednesday – George Clooney:








Laura  – Naomi Watts:








Loki – Joseph Gordon-Levitt:











Mad Sweeney – Steve Buscemi(top), or Pete Postlethwaite(bottom) I really can’t decide:



















Mr. Nancy (Anasi) – Dijmon Hounsou:








Easter – I really wanted Britney Murphey, but I will settle for Blake Lively:









Mama Ji – Gabourey Sidibe:








Wiskey Jack – Danny Trejo:














Mr. Ibis – Amr Waked:







Horus – Billy Connolly:









Bast – Marsha Thomason:







Bilquis – Angelina Jolie:














Fat Technology Kid – Jonah Hill (but not the skinny one!):









Hinzelmann – Richard Dreyfuss:







Sam Crow Black – Tamara Feldman:












Chad – William H. Macy:

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3 Responses to American Gods Casting Call

  1. linlijuan says:

    Reblogged this on linlijuan.

  2. Such an interesting and diverse cast that would be!

  3. Cthulu Fhatagn says:

    Seriously? Shadow’s half black. Think Vin Diesel.

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