No, It’s Your Fault!

Last Saturday there was a violent shooting, which left four people dead and six other injured.  It’s terrible when something like this happens, and I am saddened for the loss and heartache those families are feeling, and will continue to feel for many years.  Whenever a tragedy like this happens, people instantly look for some source of blame to why it would happen.

As much as I don’t care for Sarah Palin or many other political voices like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity it is not fair to blame them for an event like this.  I feel that people rush to find blame to give them comfort, or piece of mind to why violent or terrible events occur.  There was no evidence that Jared Lee Loughner was motivated to do this because of political pundits.  Even if there had been evidence, I still don’t know if I would give blame, lets say Loughter said he did it because Sarah Palin said, “don’t retreat reload”.  Palin actually said that, and had it written on her Facebook page but I still would not blame her if he had said that was his influence.  People need to be able to express them selves, and say what they want to say.  As much as I don’t care for Palin I don’t think she has ever had any intention of telling people to harm others.  That is not her agenda.

We shouldn’t go around placing blame on every bad thing that happens, people need to accept responsibility for their actions and placing blame takes away responsibility from people.  When the Columbine shootings happened people instantly blamed video games, when that was shown to be a faulty idea, they turned to music as the blame.  Blaming only takes away from the responsibility for the actions of Loughner, and people like him.  By saying that political rhetoric is to blame is to say that Loughner is not at fault, when in fact he is to blame for his actions.  If we are going to blame these types of events on anything I think the only thing we can blame it on is evolution, because evolution has instilled a violent nature in human beings.  I haven’t been around for very long but reading history I have concluded that these types of incidents are nothing new, and are not more frequent.  People have been committing violent acts all throughout history the only difference is we have the ability to hear news instantly.  In 1000 BCE when a crazed person killed people in town no one heard about if they lived more than a few miles away.

I believe that people need to be able to speak and say what ever they want, but they must also take responsibility for what they say.  There are a lot of opinions I don’t write down or talk about with everyone because I know they may have unwanted consequences, but I cheer people who feel comfortable enough to write or say anything that comes to mind.  Blame never stops; you can blame the violent child on the violent video game, blame the video game on the maker, blame the maker for having a bad childhood, blame that abusive father for the bad childhood, blame the abuse on him being abused and on and on and on.  If a person takes responsibility, or we put the responsibility on that person then it stops with that person and goes no further.

I do not want to deny the existence of cause and effect, and that our daily interactions and how we are raised effect who we are and what we become.  Maybe we need to do a better job at teaching people how to use reason and intellect when making decisions, because no matter how bad your past is or what your influences are most people still have reason and the ability to make their own choices and changes.

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