How To Survive A New Semester

It’s a brand new year and for many a brand new semester.  I realized something today, and I think this applies to all classes but I have philosophy classes specifically in mind.  Every semester and every philosophy class there is always one jerk in the class.  I have no other way to describe this person because that is exactly what they are.

They are the person who has to ask questions or make comments to show how intellectual they are.  They know just what to do to get the teacher off track and send him or her on a tangent.  They try to bring up subjects that no one else in the class knows about, and soon that person and the teacher are in their own conversation while the rest of the class has no idea what’s going on.

This is my least favorite part of school.  To make it worse every semester I always have hope that, “this will the year I’ll have a class without that guy.”  Without fail I am disappointed and my hopes are crushed.

As “that guy” revealed him self this week I realized there has to be a better way than getting mad about it.  Now this complaining does have a point, there is a reason why this is a survival guide.  I take all of my class notes on my computer to eliminate the need for carrying six notebooks with me every day.  I finally realized that whenever that person starts talking all I have to do, is surf the Internet and pretend like I am taking notes.  This way I can tune them out, and not get uptight about it.

No matter if it’s school, work, or every day life there will always be people that we hate dealing with, it will never go away.  Instead of getting mad about these people, find a coping mechanism. Mine is to tune them out, by pretending I’m doing work but really I’m doing something I enjoy.

As this new semester begins and you find yourself hating something about school, or hating someone at school find a coping mechanism to help you better deal with it.  I will warn you that if you simply hate going to class, skipping it and being lazy is not a good coping mechanism.  Trust me, I tried that in high school and it didn’t work. New semesters are always hard and I have realized that will never change, so finding ways to deal with it and make it enjoyable is the only way to survive each new semester.

**I referred to “that guy” in the above article.  This is not intended to be sexist in anyway.  I have noticed that women are not as pretention as men are and don’t seem to have a need to booster their egos and have others validate it.  This does not eliminate women from the category; so if you are feeling left out women can be “that guy.”

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