The Sugar Factory Is Going Down

It’s been about two months but I’m back and I have the exclusive story of the year.  Well, not really I just wanted to put this picture up.

I moved here to West Jordan when I was almost 12 years old, and that building up above is called the Sugar Factory.  Many years ago sugar beets were processed there into sugar.  Operations stopped sometime in the 80’s and the towers have been abandoned since.  It’s been pretty cool to see them demolish the towers, but also a little sad because it was part of my childhood memories.  We use to sneak into the tower and buildings around it, hit golf balls at it, and of course there was the staple story of how it was haunted because a kid fell into one of the silos and died.  It was the tallest building in West Jordan.

Since this has been an icon of West Jordan for many years I thought I would take a picture every once and a while as they tear the concrete towers down with a wrecking ball.  Soon the home of a teenage ghost, and the icon full of memories will make way to a new train station.

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2 Responses to The Sugar Factory Is Going Down

  1. Evan Johnson says:

    It’s going down? Sad. I didn’t even realize. I thought the fire department was training on rapelling with it.

    • drewdayton says:

      The police force used it for all kinds of training exercises. The city council wanted it torn down for the new trax station.

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