Hulu Is Dead

Remember Hulu…what’s that you say, you still watch Hulu?  Then you must not know how to get content in a better way.  Maybe I’m old fashion but I still like watching movies on my big screen TV better than on my computer or iPhone.  Don’t get me wrong I like watching a show on my iPhone every once and a while but I still find a big screen TV much more enjoyable.  When I got my ps3 I was still a fan of Hulu and tried everything I could to watch Hulu through the ps3 but alas I had no luck.

After a couple months of frustration I gave up on Hulu, and haven’t watched something on Hulu for over a year.  I realized how worthless Hulu really is; their content distributors block everything from accessing the content crippling the point of Hulu.  When they finally came out with an app for the iPhone, iPad, and ps3 I thought finally they are coming around.  The only problem was they charge $10 a month for it!  That’s outrages, $10 a month for shows that are on TV for free, plus you have to sit through commercials.  Does Hulu not realize that you can get a DVR for $7 record every show that Hulu has then watch it commercial free any time you want (most Hulu programs are only available for a short time) also maybe they forgot that you can get Netflix for $9 a month and they give you unlimited streaming on almost any device you have, plus you get unlimited DVD’s.  I was testing out the new diskless streaming on the ps3 for Netflix and they have most TV seasons that you would want and a lot that Hulu doesn’t have, you get most of the shows from FX, USA, Showtime, and other cable networks.

I could care less about Hulu and I think a lot more people are beginning to feel the same way, their content is too difficult to access and too expensive to make it worthwhile.  They have fallen behind the times and I don’t see them coming back anytime soon.  With so many other options, not to mention the fact that it is easier to download a torrent of a TV show and watch it than it is to watch Hulu, I’m not advocating Piracy but when its easier, and more convenient to pirate shows rather than watch them on Hulu you know they are doing something wrong.


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