Can’t Beat A Good Vacation

It’s early in the morning, a little cold outside, overcast with no sun in site, raining a little, and I’m in a crowd of at least a thousand people or more.  Sounds miserable right? Wrong, because in about ten seconds everyone will start counting down 5…4…3…3…1 the gates open and everyone starts pouring into Disneyland.  You would think that with the bad weather and crowds it wouldn’t be a very enjoyable experience, but everyone is so excited for it to open and so happy they are at Disneyland you cant help but also be excited with the energy that is there.  As my wife and I walked in and headed over to Tomorrow Land we both commented that it really does feel like a magical place.  The staff greats you as a guest, like you are some type of royalty that is visiting their town and they are so excited to have the pleasure of your company.  The streets are clean, everything is well laid out and designed; it’s like a perfect city you wish you could live in.  I have to admit that when we embarked on our trip I was not extremely excited to be spending five days traveling and in Disneyland, but after the first day of the trip my mind was changed and I was surprised at how much I was enjoying the whole experience.  I have been to Disneyland before but never for more than one day.  Being there for three days, was such a different experience because you don’t feel rushed to do everything in one day, we had plenty of time to ride all the rides, see all the shows and not feel like we missed out on anything.  What really impressed me the most was how much detail Disneyland puts into the park.  They keep it immaculately clean, nothing looks cheap which helps you feel ok about spending so much money on everything because you don’t feel like you are being cheated.  I noticed the small details too, one of the ladybugs were broken down on Francis’ Ladybug Boogie and the sign they used was in the shape of a leaf that matched the theme of the park.  Every worker is dressed in a uniform that reflects the theme of the ride, and they act in character, which makes the experience even better, because it makes you sometimes forget you are at a theme park.

The shows they offer make the visit to Disneyland well worth it.  If you didn’t go on a single ride and only saw the shows they have available, you could still feel like you got your moneys worth.  They have constant parades, you can see a Broadway quality play of Aladdin in a state of the art theatre venue.  Fantasmic was pretty amazing, but even better was the new World Of Colors show.  They use over 1200 fountains, lasers, lights, fire, and projections of video on streams of water.  I have to say it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen; it’s worth the trip alone.

My thoughts about Disneyland have definitely changed, I don’t think I would want to vacation there every year but I wouldn’t mind going every couple of years.  Plus they are restoring Star Tours, which will open next year, and the new Cars land is opening in 2012 so I think I will have to check those out soon.

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