Another Geohot Production

The iPhone jailbreak scene was reminiscent to an episode of Melrose Place today, when well-known iPhone hacker geohot (aka George Hotz) released limra1n out of nowhere.  Here is a brief history of what was going on.  Some members of an iPhone hacker team were planning on releasing a jailbreak for the new iOS 4.1 that would work on the all iPhones, iPod touches, the iPad and new AppleTV, this new release which was scheduled for 10/10/10 would be able to jailbreak all current devices for life without Apple being able to patch it, these jailbreaks are rare so it was very anticipated.  Geohot was claimed to be retired, but yesterday announced he had found another jailbreak that would do the same thing, and that he would release it a day after the other team released theirs, now you can see the drama.  To make this short people where mad because he would just be wasting a jailbreak and thought he should save it for a later iOS update.  Geohot then decided to release his program a day before theirs, which was basically saying screw you.  Now I have never been a fan of geohot because I kind of thought he was a fake and a fluke (kind of like ZiPhone for you early jailbreak adopters) I thought he just stole other peoples work and made himself to look smart, and he is one of the most arrogant people you will ever come in contact with, but I have been proven wrong he is the real deal.  While this other team has been working for months on their jailbreak he did his in a matter of days, found a new exploit and was able to release it before theirs, but I like this style.  I think this sends a good message to the jailbreak scene that they can’t take months to come up with updates.  I am not really a huge fan of jailbreaking, I think it slows your device down, people who create jailbreak apps make money off of people then abandoned their app updates, and it has become such a hassle.  I decided to try out the limera1n and didn’t have much success with it.  It took me many attempts before I got it to work, and it was very buggy.  The program does claim to still be in beta, and it is only in windows form right now, usually these programs don’t run very well on windows, but you have to expect bugs when someone throws a program together in just a few days.  I ended up having to restore my phone because it got stuck in an endless reboot mode, so proceed with it at your own risk.  Good job geohot, and to the other iPhone dev teams out there, better luck next time!

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