My Padres Let Me Down

I have been a baseball fan since I was a little kid, when I was about four years old my cousin got me a miniature Yankees bat and that must have started it for me, to this day baseball is still my favorite sport.  My uncle and cousins who lived in San Diego have always been Padres fans so I became a Padres fan and they are still my favorite team.  My first Padres game was in 1997 we sat behind home plate, it was a great time and something I will never forget, this was when they had Tony Gwynn, Ken Caminiti, Wally Joyner and Ricky Henderson still for them, they played the Dodgers that day so I also got to see Mike Piazza and yell and taunt him.  This is a great memory I will keep with me forever.  Over the years the Padres have had their struggles, they really havent had a great season since 1998 when they went to the world series and lost to the Yankees, so it was quite a surprise to me and I’m sure everyone else how good they looked.  There were times when they had the best record in the whole MLB, and they dominated the NL for most of the season, up until the last month of regular season they were they only team in the whole MLB that had been swept once, meaning there longest loosing streak was three games.  I was sure they were going to to make it to the world series, but things can turn around quickly in baseball.  The last month of the season they completely fell apart and started looking like the Padres we came to expect and know.  They had a good seven game lead over the Giants but lost that with a ten game loosing streak, and eventually loosing most of there games last month, and being beaten by the Giants in the last game of the season to kill them off.  I guess you could say at least they did a lot better and made it that far, but it was still a disappointment to see my team dominate then turn into nothing when it really counted.  I am still a Padres fan and havent given up on them, because I believe your not a real fan if you only support your team when they are winning.  I’m sure no one from the Padres organization will ever read this but I had to express how let down I was, hopefully next season they will show the great defense they had and their bullpen will be full of surprises.  I’m rooting for the Yankees now, but it’s not that big of a deal for me if they win or loose, at least football is in full swing and the NBA is starting soon.

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