A Haunted House In Utah

October is here and a favorite activity among many is going to a haunted house.  I was thinking about how many haunted houses Utah has and how much it costs to go to them.  If you wanted to visit every haunted house in Utah this season for you and a date it would be a total of $312, plus dinner.  If it seems like a little too much to visit all of them here is a list of each one and their individual prices.

Nightmare on 13th – $20     http://nightmareon13th.com

Assylum 49 The Haunted Hospital – $19     http://www.asylum49.com

Goatman Flats – $6     http://goatmanflats.com

Haunted Forest – $20     http://www.hauntedutah.com

Haunted Hollow – $15     http://hauntedutah.com/hollow.html

Haunted Village – $15     http://thisistheplace.org

Lazaruss Maze Haunted House – $25     http://lazarusmaze.com/links.html

Nightmare Mansion, and The Castle – $18 for each haunted house or $27 to visit both of them     http://www.castleofchaos.com/

Sleepy Millcreek Hollow Trail Of Terror – $9     http://www.sleepymillcreekhollow.com

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