On The iPhone 4

Any one who knows me has heard me complain many times about the iPhone 4 and calling it lots of names, in fact I am sure people are sick of hearing me complain about it.  I mean come on, what kind of person complains about having a brand new top of the line expensive gadget they have?  Well, I do I guess so I just want to say what will hopefully be my last thoughts on it.

So here are the pros about the iPhone 4:  It is a sexy phone, and I do mean that.  I have yet to see a phone that looks better than it.  Its supper thin, feels nice to hold in your hand and when you are talking on it.  Battery life is great,  I use it all day doing surfing, music, and movies and I have never ran out of battery before 10:00pm, it beats the 3GS and any Android out of the water.  Amazing screen, its super fast loading apps and never feels bogged down.  Has a great camera for taking pictures, it’s easy to use and there are lots of great apps for it.  So with all these good things what are the bad?

Cons: I’m getting tired of not being able to customize my phone, something as small as my SMS tones to widgets on the screen to quickly change the brightness or bluetooth.  I use a bluetooth stereo in my car while driving and it has gotten annoying to navigate through three pages of settings to turn my BT on or off.  The notifications are just awful!  I thought a fix would come for this but after three years and nothing it has become frustrating, it’s really annoying to be writing an email or playing a game and have a text come in or call come in and just stop everything you are doing and pull you out of the app.  I have accidentally answered many calls because of this or forget to repsond to messages because iOS only tells you with a little red dot that you have a message.  I have learned to live with all these things I hate so much but the real tip of the ice berg came after months of technical problems with the phone.  I never experienced any of the antenna issues, with dropping calls (although the phone part of the iPhone 4 is much worse than the 3GS) but I had major problems with the proximity sensor, or the thingy that turns the screen off when you put it against your face.  At least 50%, if not more of my calls would get hung up on or muted or put on speaker phone, many times this would happen when I was on the phone with a client or potential client.  I called Apple many times about this and not one person could tell me if there would ever be a fix for it.  iOS 4.1 came and it has fixed the issue in a way, now the screen just stays on longer so when you pull it away from your head it takes a second to turn back on, but this has come at the expense of other bugs, screen wont turn back on sometimes, slide to unlock wont work at times, I cant exit apps, my phone crashes and restarts, or apps just wont open sometimes.  Months of dealing with this, waiting on fixes has really made me hate the phone, I honestly hate the iPhone 4, and as of this day I would not recommend anyone buying it.  By all means get a 3GS because I feel they are much better phones.

So why not just switch back to a 3GS?  I thought about this but I have become so frustrated with not being able to use my phone as a phone(it is great for gaming and pictures though) I have no desire to use the iOS platform any more, I’m soured by it now.  Another realization that makes me like it less is that I have become so dependent on it.  I have been an iPhone user for three years now, and have owned every model of the iPhone, but I feel like I am addicted to it and that I cant live without it, and this bothers me a little.  I dont like feeling like I cant live without my certain apps or that I will miss it too much, I mean its just a phone for crying out loud, its a little pathetic to feel like I will miss a phone!

I do want to assure any worriers that I still am a big Apple fan, Steve Jobs could probably murder my whole family and I would still only use a MacBook and iMac, but as for the iPhone i just dont care for it any more.  Maybe one day I’ll switch, but as for now I will complain in silence, or at least try to and you will wonder why you spent the last ten minutes wasting your time read about someone complaining about having to use a “nice” phone when there are millions less fortunate than I am.

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