The Social Network

The big hype this weekend was “The Social Network” I know this is a late review of it but um not a movie critic and don’t intend to write reviews very often but I haven’t read one review of the movie that I have liked so this could be the best review you read.
A lot of people have been critical of the movie saying it does not portray Mark Z. like he is in real life, but I have to disagree. Now I known don’t know him personally but from what I’ve read about him, hearing his interviews he doesn’t really seem like a very likable person, if anything I felt the movie made him nicer than what he seems to be like in real life. Every person that I have heard say this is nothing like the real Mark, are people who are not his friends and are suck ups who want to be his friends. Marks real friends (if he has any) are not going to say “yah he is kind of a jerk, and thinks he is better than other people and is arrogant.” I even heard someone say they would totally be friends with Mark because is nothing like what the movie makes him out to be. Well of course you techy nerds would be friends with him, he’s a billionaire nerdy code genius he could meaner than Stalin and you would still be his friend. So on to the actual movie, the script was well done and dialog was executed with almost perfection. Every actor (including Timberlake) did a fantastic job at embodying their character.
The story revolves around two law suits Mark is dealing with and looking back into the past to answer the questions the lawyers ask during the deposition. While the movie was a little long there was almost never a dull moment. The movie did give an accurate enough account of the history of facebook, or at least enough for the public to know, and it was interesting to see the beginnings of one of the largest websites in the world. There are some subtle inaccuracies but not enough to detract from the story or make it a complete fiction, they did a good job at telling the story. Even with the small inaccuracies it has some good lessons in it. It was inspiring in some ways to make me want to work hard and come up with good ideas, there were good lines such as “if some one makes a good chair to they owe money to every person person who has ever made a chair before them?” in response to him stealing facebook. Another good lesson was when the dean said too many Harvard students try and create jobs instead of finding them. I don’t want to discourage creativity but I do think that too many people want to start their own company sell it, make
easy money and not have to work any more. If you didn’t see the movie last weekend then you need to get off your couch, or take a break and go see it this is a must see for everyone of appropriate age. Almost every where I went today I heard people talking. I can almost promise it will fascinate, and get your attention.
The Social Network is rated PG-13 but I think it was closer to an R rating or should have been R. There are a few uses of the so called R rated curse word. College students partying and using various drugs(cocaine, marijuana,drinking) implied sexual situations, scenes of women in little clothing, I did think the movie portrayed women in an objectionable way, pretty much every scene that had a girl in it they were doing something sexual. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone under 18, but then again it’s not my job to teach parenting so what do I know?

Disclaimer: I wrote this on my iPhone and the iPhone keyboard really stinks and I am going to class write now so I will go back and spell check it on my computer tonight and fix any errors so pleas play nice.

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3 Responses to The Social Network

  1. Evan says:

    Interesting review. I want to check the movie out. I’ll wait until I can get it for free though. 🙂

    Kind of sad that once you reach a certain point, you no longer know who your real friends are.

    • Malmborg says:

      Evan why do you spoil a good opportunity to go to a good movie. This I will never understand.

      Good review bro, I’m curious to see the new book coming out with Zuckerberg’s side of the story though. We’ll have to see how different it really is.

      • drewdayton says:

        I agree there are many good movies that are worth seeing in the theaters, just go to the Carmike on 90th and Redwood, its only $6.

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