Bigotry In America.

The debate over the mosque that is being built a few blocks away from ground zero is still going on. I heard today that Donald Trump wants to buy the property to make sure it will not be built, this made me wonder is a majority of America really that hatelfull and full of bigotry?

When America was established the Constitution and Declaration of Independence stated the country was created to form a more perfect union and establish justice among people, and to make sure that all people have certain liberties, the pursuit of happiness and that all men and women are created equal. When I hear people trying to take away someones rights to worship I feel this is when America is straying away from the Constitution. I often hear people complain that Atheists are taking away our right to worship God by taking God out of money, and the pledge of allegiance. Well if we are so concerned with people taking away the right to worship or talk about God then why are people opposing the building of the Mosque? This is a place where Muslims can worship God, and exercise their right to practice freedom of worship. We need to remember that America is not a Christian country and that Christians are not the only group that has the freedom to worship how they want and where they want. Since I am in Utah I’ll use a Utah example, wouldn’t LDS members be pretty mad if people were opposing the churches rights to build a church building near the Mt. Meadows Masacre site? If you are LDS and say “no I would not be offended if they didn’t want the building put there” then whats the limit to where they can build, does it have to be three blocks away, three miles away, how far away does it have to be built as to not offend someone? The same applies to mosque, how far away does it have to be built?

Another argument many people say is that, “I don’t hate muslim but I think we need to be sensitive to the needs of the people in that community”. If it is insensitive to build the mosque there than shouldn’t we also avoid building any predominately white church near any place where slavery occurred, that is being insensitive towards those who’s ancestors where involved in slavery since white people where the ones who owned slaves. Or we shouldn’t build any Catholic church that is within a few blocks of someone who was molested by a preist. Another point to think about is that the wants of a society is not always what is best, many people where against integrated schools and civil rights but people got over it even thought the community was offended.

I like to think that the majority of Americans realizes that Muslims are not terrorists and that Muslims were not in any way responsible for what happened on 9/11, and that we are not that bigoted. I get frustrated that there are a lot of people who still think all LDS people are polygamists because a small group of fundamental LDS people are polygamists, I can only imagine the frustration with people thinking you are a terrorist just because of your religion. If the group who wants to build that mosque legally owns that land and if the building they want to construct is in no way going to violate any kind of building laws or structure codes then they have every right to build that there. If people try and take away that right then we must realize that it wont stop there, then it must be acceptable to take away any mention of God in our money, the pledge of allegiance, or any other reference to God our society. We can’t live by a double standard and believe that Christians have the right to worship and build churches where ever but other religions do not have that right. Lets stand up for every ones rights not just those who are the same as us, and remember that being an American means not being a bigot or racist.

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